| What major should I study at University to become an “Event Planner?”?

What major should I study at University to become an “Event Planner?”?

David K asked:

I plan on studying for my associates in “Hotel and Restaurant Management,” then to switch my focus to a bachelor degree in “Travel and Tourism Operations.” Is this the right field to study to become an Event planner (for coorporations or other companies)? If not, what is a good program to study?

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One Response to “What major should I study at University to become an “Event Planner?”?”

  1. Event Planning Guide, About.com on April 28th, 2009 3:24 pm


    It seems to me that you have chosen a combination of programs that will guide you on a path to the hospitality industry. There are countless opportunities to work in event related roles within these industries. And if you study travel management, there will be corporate jobs in the meetings department for you (many companies hire individuals to work in travel management to manage airline, hotel and other contracts).

    However, if you want to work in a corporate environment where you will be responsible for planning and executing events, many opportunities exist within the business areas of companies. Therefore, if you want to study marketing, public relations, advertising and business management, those programs may be stronger.

    In the end, I suggest you follow a path of studying the types of courses you enjoy most. Good luck.